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Wet Rooms with Slip-Resistant Floors and Water-Resistant Wall Panels

If you’re tired of worrying about getting the floors and other spaces in the bathroom wet when you walk around after a shower or the kids splash from the tub, a Wet Room may be the answer. With traditional showers, waterproofing only applies inside the shower. Usually, this area is separated from the rest of the room.

A modern solution is available. A wet room is stylish, and it’s a fantastic alternative to the more traditional bathroom. A wet room is completely waterproof, including the floor, walls, and cabinets, to withstand water and dampness. It’s like a personal spa.

When a wet room is installed, it’s essential to use the right materials and skills, so everything is waterproofed. This can help make sure the room looks stunning and will continue to look good for years to come. Wet rooms are easier to clean, so you’ll be able to enjoy the bathroom without any worry about spilled water.

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    Slip-Resistant Floor Choices for Your Wet Room

    A wet room can be so luxurious. Like this wet room in Livingston

    A wet room can be so luxurious. Like this wet room in Livingston

    Since wet rooms are designed to get wet without issue, it is vital to think about the flooring material that will be used. Most homeowners will want a Slip Resistant wet room, so they don’t have to worry about falling when the floors are wet. There are various options for this, and the type of flooring can make a difference in which wet room tray will be used.

    • Tiled Flooring. This offers the most choices, and it’s possible to choose any undertray desired for the room. This is the most flexible option for flooring.
    • Vinyl Flooring. If the risk of slipping is significant, vinyl flooring may be the answer. Though it limits the tray choice because of specific drain requirements, there are now plenty of designs to choose from.
    • Microcement. A relatively new type of flooring is a composite that is based on cement. Water-based resins and color pigments can be used to create a decorative finish, and a floor former or linear drain channel can be used with this flooring.

    It is essential to look into the slip rating for wet room floors before making a decision. Most materials will have a slip rating, and we can help review the recommendations before you pick out the flooring so your new floor will be slip-resistant.

    Wall Panels are a Great Choice Too!

    contemporary office with light coloured floor tiles in BroxburnIf you’re restricted by time or your budget, the newest wall panels may be the perfect solution. Wall panels used in a bathroom are made of resin or MDF that’s specifically created to be moisture resistant. These materials are waterproof and will keep their color over time.

    Wet walls are 100% waterproof, so there’s no worry about water splashing on the walls. While tiling can take a few days to complete, wall panels can be installed in a few hours. Boards don’t require grout, so the installation is more straightforward. On top of this, wall panels are easy to maintain, and a hygienic choice as mould won’t grow as quickly.

    If you’re considering a wet room or adding in wall panels, contact us today. We can go over tiling ideas and more to help you create a new bathroom you’ll love.

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