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Our expert team of wall tilers can handle all parts relating to wall and floor tiling. We take small residential jobs as well as larger commercial projects. We start by visiting your home to learn more about what you want to have done, then survey the room to determine how much the job will cost. We can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

We have a lot of experience and can handle just about any job. Some of the techniques, experiences, and projects we can do include the following.

  • Demolishing the existing tiles, including cleaning up and removing the old tiles from your home.
  • Ensuring the prep is done correctly. This includes leveling the floors and removing old decorations that maybe there.
  • Handling residential projects that require tiling. This includes kitchen backsplashes, tiling in floors for any room, hallways, stairs, and exterior tiling areas.
  • Arranging wall tiles in a variety of patterns based on your preferences. This can include a brick pattern, basketweave, a step ladder, or any other pattern you may prefer.
  • Waterproofing the wet room or walk-in shower to reduce the potential for water damage and mould growth.
  • Restoring existing tiles by adding fresh grout and sealing the tiles. This helps them last a lot longer and can make it easier to keep them clean.
  • Completing commercial projects like bathrooms in hotels, lobbies in new office buildings, and other areas that require durable and gorgeous tiles.

If you’re ready to upgrade your bathroom, or you’d like to add tile in the kitchen, family room, or other rooms in your home, let us know. Our team is ready to start working on your next project.

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    Floor Tilers in West Lothian. Wall tilers too!

    Our wall tilers have created many bespoke creations. This one is in Broxburn

    Our wall tilers have created many bespoke creations. This one is in Broxburn

    Can you Tile a Wall or Floor yourself?

    One question many homeowners have today is whether they can tile a wall or floor on their own. Of course, this can be a DIY project that homeowners can tackle, but it won't be easy. Homeowners need to have plenty of time and patience to learn the tiling techniques that our team already knows and experiences.

    Some of the experiences our wall tilers bring to your next project will include the following.

    • We already have the right tools for the project, so there's no need to purchase a tile cutter that won't ever be used again. Standard tiling tools include safety equipment, trowels, spacers, and tile cutters. We also have the right specialized tools, which always end up being needed and are costly to purchase for just one project.
    • Our wall tilers know what type of tile to buy. We understand the best use for materials like porcelain or ceramic and whether or not floor tiles can be used on the wall. They can, but wall tiles cannot be used on the floor. We also know the correct durability, density, and slip rating for walk-in showers or wet rooms to prevent water damage.
    • We have a relationship with suppliers which can help us get the best prices. It also helps us keep up with the latest trends to make sure we suggest the right tiles to make your room look fabulous.
    • We know how to perform various tiling techniques. These include leveling floors, laying out patterns, and joining tiles on corners. We also have experience with installing tiles around obstacles like windows, electric outlets, and fixtures. This includes round or curved fixtures that can be difficult to workaround.
    • We know how much adhesive, grout, or sealant to purchase for each job, ensuring you don't end up buying far too much or far too little and wasting time or money as you have to purchase more.
    • We know which adhesives, grouts, and sealants work best on walls or floors, the time it takes for them to cure, and the drying time needed for each stage. This ensures the next step isn't started too soon and cuts down on a job's potential to take longer than it should.

    All of this is something you may be able to do on your own, but it's going to take a lot of time and effort to think about what you want, learn the different techniques, and handle the installation. In the end, it may not have the professional look you're after, and you may notice places where you made mistakes. Instead of going through all of this and coming out with a project, you may not be happy with in the end, let our wall tilers handle it for you. Call us today to get a free quote.

    Common Question about West Lothian Floor Tilers and Wall Tilers

    How much do tilers earn UK?

    A: Typically Wall and Floor Tilers earn between £200 to £250 per day. In the likes of Aberdeen and down South the figures are higher. 

    How do you start tiling a wall?

    A: After marking out the walls, our Wall Tilers generally start in the middle of the wall. ensuring that each side is of an equal distance to each wall. You don't want a wide tile on one side and a sliver on the other if you can help it.

    Should you tile all walls in a small bathroom?

    A: This is a personal choice. Some people like to tile all walls, some like a feature wall, some like to tile "so high" all the way round. Our one piece of advice though is that smaller bathrooms benefit from smaller tiles. Larger tiles tend to make a small bathroom look even smaller.

    Do you tile wall or floor first?

    A: We always tile the walls first. We leave the appropriate gap for the floors but more importantly, there is less chance to any floor damage by doing the flooring last.

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