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Underfloor Heating in West Lothian? Let us Help.

West Lothian Tiling Services for your Underfloor Heating Project

Are you looking for another way to heat the house with an extra benefit of keeping the feet warm? How about an underfloor heating system? We can assist with either an electric mat or wet/radiant heating!  If you need help on the pros and cons of each, come speak with us!

Are you about to remodel your kitchen, bathroom or your new extension? Our technicians can help you plan out the Underfloor heating solutions that will be tailored to you. 

We use high-quality materials, such as piping/cables along with ensuring when the cement is poured, it is perfectly level. Our fitters are also experienced in implementing the underfloor heating underneath wood, carpet, vinyl, laminate, stone and tile

Our accredited professionals ensure the heated flooring is completed safely, so contact us on your next renovation or new-build.

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    Why Underfloor Heating by West Lothian Tiling Services is so Fantastic

    There is no doubt that it can be easier to install a wet Underfloor Heating system if it's a New Extension or a New Build as there are no bases or floors to rip up. That's not to say it's not possible; it'll just take a bit more time, effort, and money. The benefits of underfloor heating will definately be there long after the pain of installation has worn off.

    There is also an option of using a dry Underfloor Heating system. It's easier to install and a bit cheaper, less remedial work to be done underneath, but there can be a difference in the running costs. We can certainly help in advising the best method to go for.

    Generally, existing smaller rooms or existing rooms that are only used occasionally would be natural choices for the dry system as the running and installation costs would balance out.

    It would also be better if you considered whether simply adding some further radiators would solve the problem. We know we are talking ourselves out of a potential job here, but sometimes it makes sense to go traditional. No point in wasting money if there's an easier and more cost effective solution

    Why not contact us to discuss what's best for you?

    You, too, can be as comfortable as the dog. As long as you don't mind lying on the floor....


    Underfloor Heating keeping the dog cosy in Broxburn

    Common Questions About Underfloor Heating in West Lothian

    Is underfloor heating expensive to run?

    A: The standard answer is that if the underfloor heating is installed correctly, with the proper foundation and insulation then it can be more efficient than radiators. Gas(wet) installations are generally a bit more effort to instal but are more efficient than electric, which is easier to instal. 

    What are the disadvantages of underfloor heating?

    A: Access is the most common issue. if you have access ie it's a new build or the floor is easily lifted then installing underfloor heating is straight forward. If you have to dig out a concrete base or you have neighbours below then obviously this changes things. It's best to discuss things with your local friendly professional.

    What type of underfloor heating is best?

    A: As mentioned above, a gas heated water system is generally regarded as being best for running costs. Electric installation is cheaper so in the short term is more cost efficient. If you have access to cheap electricity then even better. 

    Is it cheaper to leave underfloor heating on all the time?

    A: It takes time for the system to get to it's optimum temperature so switching it off and on regularly does not help with cost savings. The norm is that the system is left on constant apart from warm outside temperatures or nighttimes, if preferred.


    Ready for a new Underfloor Heating Experience?