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Use External Tiling to Make that First Impression that Counts

You know that the first impression is essential. A tiled home or office entrance can help make that welcoming first impression for your friends or customers? Choosing the right material for external tiling, such as less porous and durable tiles, will create a lasting area.

Looking out the back garden, and want to make a change? External tiles are fantastic for accenting the decor of the garden patio, or even use a full complement of tiles for your outdoor kitchen and barbeque area!

One design choice in selecting tiles (as well as grout ) for your outside living space is to pick a pattern or colour that blends into natural surroundings. A point to note is that brown, black and grey work well with any palette. A second approach would be to add a splash of colour to accent the area.

If you are unsure of which direction to take, our designers can support you in selecting the correct colour and texture to achieve the style that suits your tastes, for you home or office.


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    What's so Special About External Tiling?

    To confuse people, we've included a picture of an INDOOR swimming pool. What's that to do with External Tiling, you ask? Well, nothing. We thought in today's climate. People wouldn't want to be reminded about sunshine, externally tiled pools, and bronzed happy people drinking cocktails, so we've included a picture of local swimming baths! You can, though, see lots of tile arrangements on the walls, floors, side of the pool, and on the base of the pools. It shows how durable and practical tiles are. You won't get much more pressure on tiles than in public baths!

    Couple in Pool with External Tiling in Livingston
    External Tiling area extended to outside in Broxburn


    Here, you can see where tiles can be extended from inside the home or office to outside, making a beautiful, practical patio area. Easy to clean and maintain, it makes so much sense.

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